1. "0507" - A Two Minute Short

    A funny short about remembering your ladies birthday and an iPhone (2 minutes).

    By The Blaine Brothers


  2. Influencers

    INFLUENCERS is a short documentary that explores what it means to be an influencer and how trends and creativity become contagious today in music, fashion and entertainment.

    I’ve shared this before, but it inspires me, so I’m sharing it again. Particulary for you NYC folks, I think you’ll dig it. 

    Get influenced, get inspired. Brought to you by the amazing folks at R+I creative


  3. College Humor Pokes Fun At Instagram, Hilarious

    I’ll be honest, other than cracking me up—this video made me a little guilty for using Instagram. And for enjoying Nickelback (leave me alone it was a long time ago). 

    Instagram Anonymous anyone?


  4. What Would You Do If Money Was No Object?

    I love listening to people answer this question. Some are almost terrified to answer, out of fear of hearing what they might have to say. This is a wonderful video published by the good folks at Tragedy and Hope

    "Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing then a long life spent in a miserable way." — Allan Watts



  6. totalfilm:

    Anthony Hopkins stars in Hitchcock trailer: watch now

    Hitchcock, the biopic of Sir Alfred that hones in on the period he made classic slasher Psycho, has been teasing with images and posters for some time now, and at last a trailer has arrived.


  7. Today We Adventured to La Jolla And Brought Some Bikes and Cameras

    That’s Jesse. We decided to launch a spontaneous screen2play project involving a bike helmet and a GoPro. 

    That’s La Jolla. We brought the GoPro and the bike helmet with us. 

    Going to La Jolla is even better than watching the Discovery Channel. 

    To be continued. 


  8. This Guy Teaches You How To Really Use Instagram

    I came across this video because I too, enjoy the occasional Instagram life capture. While I really enjoyed it, it was actually more because the guy who made it, Casey Neistat, is just a really good story teller. He’s an independent filmmaker who loves to make videos on YouTube, but he’s also had a show on HBO and an award winning indy. 

    The second video of his is for those of you who love riding bikes, but appreciate the absurdity of the bike lane in most cities. Oh and cops, it’s for people who might appreciate the occasoonal absurdities of cops. 

    Thanks Casey, I needed a little inspiration to go back out there and capture something good on video.


  9. The Coen Brothers Are At It Again, This Time With An English Accent — Gambit


  10. Batman Maybe (Parody of Call Me Maybe)

    By Dan Zelikman

    Okay this is just silly, but it cracked me up so I figured I’d share it around. You have to have seen The Dark Knight Rises and heard the song Call Me Maybe

    Warning, it WILL get stuck in your head. Enjoy.